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In Chamberlain Britain, the brainless majority swooned over 
Chamberlain's "Peace in our time". Only Churchill saw the 
truth---Chamberlain and the brainless majority were enabling their 
conquest by Hitler.

Betrayers of Democratic West the Wishful Thinking Majority pre-WWII in 
Britain, U.S., same betrayers of freedom in domestic programs of G.W. 
Bush in transfer of U.S. economy, economic power, ultimately military 
power to China

What if the betrayers of the democratic West turned out to be a majority?
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By Lev Navrozov
Lev Navrozov emigrated from the Soviet Union in 1972 He settled in New 
York City where he quickly learned that there was no market for his 
eloquent and powerful English language attacks on the Soviet Union. To 
this day, he writes without fear or favor or the conventions of polite 
society. He chaired the "Alternative to the New York Times Committee" in 
1980, challenged the editors of the New York Times to a debate (which 
they declined) and became a columnist for the New York City Tribune. His 
columns are today read in both English and Russian.

Lev Navrozov

August 29, 2004

Communism is the dream of Marx about a society without private property 
(except personal belongings like tooth-brushes) and without money, 
without the government or the police. Everyone takes free what he needs 
(like salt in a diner) and CREATES in science, technology, and the arts, 
while all WORK is done by machines.

Early in 1917 the Russian tsar abdicated, the democratic Provisional 
Government took over, and mass desertion began at the Russian front of 
WWI. Soldiers deserted with their weapons. According to the Provisional 
Government, they were deserters to be court-marshaled. According to a 
new risen politician named Lenin they were heroes who fought against the 
“imperialist war.” So in November of 1917, the deserters, led by Lenin, 
overthrew the Provisional Government, and Lenin established his 
dictatorship, which in 1991, after 73 years of its existence, had no 
more to do with the Communism of Max than it did in 1917. As of 1991, 
large-scale means of production were owned by an absolutist ruler or 
oligarchy, which was anything but new in history, while consumer goods 
were bought, sold, owned, or used privately, which is nothing new 
either. Communism was supposed to come, but if the country displayed not 
a grain of it in 73 years, when could its advent be expected? Anyway, a 
large section of the population did not like what had developed in 73 
years, and “the system” collapsed without virtually any resistance.

Those Anglo-American Communists and fellow-travelers who passed secret 
nuclear data to Stalin's Russia did it because they were afraid that 
having obtained “the atom bomb,” the United States would destroy 
COMMUNIST Russia if the latter did not have “the atom bomb” to 
retaliate. They were traitors for the sake of Communism.

As I said above, there was not a grain of Communism in Soviet Russia. 
These traitors projected their beautiful dream of Communism on Stalin's 
Russia, one of the ugliest societies in recorded history.

To what extent these traitors helped Stalin to obtain “the atom bomb” by 
1949 is immaterial. The United States did not attack Russia when the 
United States had a monopoly on nuclear weapons from 1945 to 1949, and 
the United States would not have attacked Russia after 1949 even if 
Russia had had no nuclear weapons.

The United States was not the British Empire, which conquered India, but 
did not allow Hindus to come and live in Britain. The preemptive 
conquest of Russia promised to the United States ruinous expenses and 
grievous troubles. What for? Natural resources, such as gold, were not 
as valuable as before Adam Smith, who proclaimed that the basis of 
national wealth is production. Today it is easy to visualize a 
preemptive U.S. war on Stalin's Russia. Multiply the war in Iraq 10 or 
100 times.

So the traitors who passed secret nuclear data to Stalin's Russia were 
worried for no reason about the U.S. attack on non-nuclear Russia.

Equally absurd is to consider that Russia from 1917 to 1991 was 
“left-wing” in contrast to Hitler's National Socialism which was 
allegedly “right-wing.” Yes, American “leftists, including Communists, 
believed in their dream of the leftist Soviet Russia versus the 
rightist, reactionary, and benighted Nazi Germany. But take, for 
example, Robert Hanssen, a traitor of the last quarter of the 20th 
century. By his way of life he was a conservative, a right-winger, a 
“patriot,” an exemplary church-goer — and a top official of the FBI. He 
betrayed the United States to “Communist” Russia, and continued to be a 
spy after 1991 as well.

In the past quarter of a century or so the geostrategic situation of 
1939–1945 has been reversed. In 1939–1945 it was the United States that 
was developing a superweapon in the Manhattan Project, while Germany — 
and then Russia after WWII, were eager to know what the United States 
had been doing in that field, and Stalin did learn it through a dozen or 
so Anglo-American traitors, anxious to save their imaginary Communism in 
Russia from the U.S. reactionaries in possession of “the atom bomb.” In 
the past quarter of a century it was first Russia that was developing 
superweapons from 1970 to 1991, and in 1986 China launched seven 
“Manhattan Projects,” that is, the development of seven superweapons in 
seven fields, including nanotechnology. The role of traitors in the 
United States has been not the passing of secret information about the 
U.S. Manhattan Project to first Russia and then China (there has been no 
Manhattan Project in the United States for the development of nano 
superweapons, such as nanoweapons), but to pretend that such Manhattan 
Projects did not exist in Russia from 1970 to 1991 and have not existed 
in China since 1986.

Every column of mine on “the China threat” evokes many e-mails. All 
these readers are horrified that I am a voice in the wilderness, and 
they beg me: “Keep up your good work!” But these readers are not 
publicly audible or visible. Yet at least I know that there are true 
American patriots, even if publicly inaudible and invisible.

Now, what can be said about those who fill the media and publicly 
display their oblivion of “the China threat” while talking for years all 
round the clock about the world danger of Iraq's “weapons of mass 
destruction,” its future nuclear weapons, and its participation in 9/11?

Those nuclear traitors or the traitor Robert Hanssen did damage to the 
United States. But those who deliberately do not notice “the China 
threat” or sell to the Chinese dictators whatever is necessary for their 
development of post-nuclear superweapons, including nano superweapons, 
have been doing a far greater and perhaps fatal damage to the United 
States and the West in general.

The tragic irony is that their number is not a dozen, as in the passing 
of secret nuclear data to Stalin's Russia, nor one (Robert Hanssen). 
They are legion. Possibly a majority of the American people or of the 
population of all Western countries.

The only analogy is the oblivion of “the Nazi threat” in the democratic 
West until Hitler grabbed the “rump” of Czechoslovakia in 1939. King 
Edward VIII of England, who was caught by newsreel cameras giving a Nazi 
salute, is a worthy symbol of mass treason (or mass insanity) of the 
democratic West before 1939.

Remember the photographs of 1938 depicting the sea of rapturous humanity 
flooding the streets of London, and Chamberlain riding through the sea 
of joy — he had brought Hitler's signature under their mutual obligation 
to keep “the peace in our time.” The car carrying the joyous Chamberlain 
can barely move — the English people want to express their joy to the 
joyous Chamberlain.

Fortunately for England, Hitler, after he gobbled up France (with the 
British troops in France running for their lives), invaded Russia and 
got bogged down.

Otherwise the destiny of Britain could be different and the joy in 1938 
would be replaced by the sorrow of the worst defeat in English history.

Even more fortunately for the democratic West, Hitler, instead of 
concentrating on the development of nuclear weapons, launched a 
conventional war that absorbed all his resources. Otherwise there could 
be a poster: one half of it — the Londoners rejoice in 1938 that Hitler 
has proved once again that he is a champion of peace, and the other half 
— London and New York after the explosion of Hitler's two “atom bombs.”

Traitors are visualized as lonely individuals. This is a delusion. A 
nation may be betrayed by its substantial minority, or even by its 
majority. Mass self-betrayal, so to speak. Mass traitors betray their 
nation and themselves. They are not put on trial. They are judged by 
history, and the sentence is mass annihilation or slavery.

* * * * *

For more information about Drexler's Foresight Institute and its 
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It is my pleasant duty to express gratitude to the Rev. Alan Freed, a 
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August 29, 2004

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