[Homestead] Wild foods and food security

Toni Hawryluk tonihawr at msn.com
Tue Oct 5 12:48:12 EDT 2004

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From: Gene GeRue<mailto:genegerue at ruralize.com> 

>> Recent work has demonstrated the strong linkages between forests, trees and food security (394-399; 408). This is increasingly being taken into account in the development of forest projects and policies. However the role of wild foods in agricultural systems under stress is less well documented and an acknowledgement of their importance for food security - - - has yet to influence mainstream thinking (703).<<

Yes, indeed, an occasional stray thought
*is* given to the difference between *Forest*
and forest ... but there is so little of *Forest*
being investigated for its future contributions
of *itself* *as is* - providing no immediate
dollars - that the rest of it may vanish the
way the "real" *Prairie* (and bison) did ...

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