[Homestead] Truck suggestions

Rob becidawa at hctc.com
Wed Nov 17 04:45:24 EST 2004

Well Rob, you've had several different view point on 4wd now. All I can say 
is I'm glad I had it on the place in MN.

Getting stuck. It happens. I have a shovel, a high lift jack, 3 ten ft 
lengths of chain, a 20' tow strap  and a come-a-long.

Ice... I've sat and watched rear wheel drive vehicles come to a stop sign 
in icy weather. The front wheels locked up (not turning) and the rears 
spinning along merrily. With the car/truck in gear power was going to the 
drive wheels and that was not helping them stop.
When I feel that 'funny' feeling and it's icy or even wet I put it in 
neutral, that takes the power away from the drive wheels and that helps a lot.

Other thoughts. When we were getting ready to leave Minnesota I borrowed a 
truck from a guy to make dump runs with. It was a 70 something Dodge one 
ton, with a manual transmission, dual rear wheels, a V8 engine, a flat bed 
with removable stake sides and a dump bed. That truck just sat unless he 
needed to use a truck then he had one & it was a truck. You might think 
about getting a real truck for those times you need one. I did move 
firewood, hay, gravel & sand in my truck but often it was just me going to 
I also had a small trailer, I built a 4x8 bed for it and carried LRBs of 
hay, logs, camping gear & bikes, my 8x12 chicken house once (moved it) and 
the wheelbarrow & such when I felt it was needed. When I didn't need it it 
just sat there and waited.

It's late,


becidawa at hctc.com
Now in western Washington, USA

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