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At 01:29 AM 12/27/2001, you wrote:
>Excuse me for being so forward, but might I suggest the relevant materials
>in my ISAIAH'S NEW EXODUS AND MARK (WUNT or Baker), 183-219?

As far as I'm concerned, no excuses are necessary. Given how long it takes 
for a new book to be reviewed (even with SBL's great new on-line service), 
I would welcome an author's announcement and brief description of a new 
book. To preclude a discussion by those who haven't read the book, the post 
might be labeled "Information only," or some such. (So, Rikki, what is the 
connection between Isaiah's new exodus and the Gospel of Mark?)

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What I think does necessitate an "excuse me" is a post that announces a 
topic, then asks for references (such as the one below that started this 
thread--though it's hardly the first). Isn't that what libraries--and 
librarians--and for? Special circumstances may necessitate otherwise, but 
authors should state this, rather than appear to be asking others to do 
their research for them.

> > one of my former students is now writing a thesis on the literary =
> > funtion of the parables in the gospel of mark. are you aware of books or =
> > articles that may be helpful for her?

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