[freetds] No output file when building FreeTDS for MacCatalyst

Yannik Hörnschemeyer y.hoernschemeyer at gmx.de
Wed Jan 19 03:53:13 EST 2022

Hello everyone, 

my name is Yannik from Germany. First of all, thank you for adding me to the list and I want to thank everyone who has helped me mainly in the freeTDS GitHub issue section - it must be hard to deal with a C rookie like me. 
I am trying to build FreeTDS for MacCatalyst since December 3rd but only with partial success but I would really like to get it working soon. My problem is that I familiar with Swift, but not with GNU, C or C++ which is why any help in debugging would be very appreciated :) I think I am very close to finally building the library. I have of course gone through the FreeTDS documentation and read MacOS and MacCatalyst related issues (like Niklas post) in the mailing list. 

- The issue - 

I am trying to build FreeTDS 1.3.6 for MacCatalyst using auto tools. The output I should get should be a libsybdb.a file, but I am only getting a libsybdb.la <http://libsybdb.la/> file. I have trouble identifying the actual issue in the log and finding an appropriate solution. Does anybody recognize the problem and knows how to fix it? I attached my build script and log file.

- My thoughts on the issue (might be irrelevant) -

I can see some fatal errors in the log.
	'fatal error: 'sys/eventfd.h' file not found' 
and other errors like 
	'fatal error: 'sql.h' file not found'
concern me, but I don’t know the cause. As you can see in my build script, I specified where the sql.h, sqlext.h and sqltypes.h files should be by using —with-odbc-nodm. I did this instead of specifying the unixODBC driver since it is not built for MacCatalyst which caused errors. 

Kind regards,


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