[freetds] Issues authenticating with freebcp

Frediano Ziglio freddy77 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 18 04:39:45 EDT 2019

Il giorno mar 18 giu 2019 alle ore 09:27 Axel Vestin <
axel.vestin at learningwell.se> ha scritto:

> Hello! Thanks for letting me join! :)
> I've tried to configure my e-mail client to use plaintext, hopefully there
> are no issues.
> I've run into some problems trying to use freebcp to dump a table from an
> SQL Server 2012, and after reading the documentation on freetds.org, I'm
> out of ideas.
> Using tsql(with the same username, password, etc) everything works fine
> from the same machine. This is an NT domain style login, i.e the user is
> "domain\username". From what I can gather, there's a maximum length of 30
> characters for the authentication fields?
The limit apply only to old protocol which you should avoid.
Also domain login are encoded in a different way.

> I'm using Debian 8.11, and freetds from Debian's repository, version
> 0.91-6+b1.
Pretty old I would say.

$ uname -a
> Linux rayleigh 3.18.16-rt13 #5 SMP PREEMPT RT Mon Feb 13 14:58:54 CET 2017
> i686 GNU/Linux
> This is the output from freebcp:
> avext at rayleigh:~/programming/freetds_test$ freebcp pqinfo.blandzon_aspec
> out test.txt -c -S $(cat server.txt) -U $(cat user.txt) -P $(cat
> password.txt)
> Msg 20042, Level 2
> Name too long for LOGINREC field
> Msg 18452, Level 14, State 1
> Server 'SRV00852\SRV00852', Line 1
>         Login failed. The login is from an untrusted domain and cannot be
> used with Windows authentication.
> Msg 18452, Level 14
> General SQL Server error: Check messages from the SQL Server
The username should contain a backslash ("\"), also pay attention and
escape according to the shell to avoid to have it stripped.
Try to use logging (TDSDUMP) to see if program is using right protocol
and receiving the correct account.
The "untrusted domain" message is not much helpful, the server
tends to just give error with not exact explanation, potentially to
avoid helping hackers.

Msg 20002, Level 9
> Adaptive Server connection failed
> Can't connect to server "SRV00852".
> I'm thankful for any help!
> /Axel Vestin

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