[freetds] Version 1.00.15 select @@spid

mlhjr61 . mlhjr61 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 21 09:44:51 EDT 2016

Hello Users group,

I use freetds with perl DBI in scripts to connect to an application called
IBM Tivoli Netcool/Omnibus (versions 7.3.1, 7.4, and 8.1) .    Freetds
version 0.91 works fine with all of them. I am installing new servers and
downloaded the latest freetds version  1.00.15 and now am unable to run
queries.  Error is the following when I  connect:

        "ERROR=Parse failure on line 1 of statement 'select @@spid ', at or
near '@'"

Connection (in freetds log) is successful, but the select statement above
causes failure).

Is this something that can be disabled?

./tsql -C
Compile-time settings (established with the "configure" script)
                            Version: freetds v1.00.15
             freetds.conf directory: /usr/local/etc
     MS db-lib source compatibility: no
        Sybase binary compatibility: no
                      Thread safety: yes
                      iconv library: yes
                        TDS version: auto
                              iODBC: no
                           unixodbc: yes
              SSPI "trusted" logins: no
                           Kerberos: no
                            OpenSSL: yes
                             GnuTLS: no
                               MARS: no


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