[freetds] missing divide by zero error

Thompson, William bill.d.thompson at baml.com
Fri Sep 16 03:45:24 EDT 2016

Hi Adam,

I see from the log  that you are using the db-library API.
If you want to handle error messages from the server using db-library you will have to define a message handler, using the db-library function dbmsghandle()

Here's a link to a (Sybase) resource describing the function. A search on dbmsghandle will point you to much more. 




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I'm running into an issue where a "SELECT 1/0" query returns a NULL result instead of an error. I attached the relevant snippet from the TDSDUMP output (the packet continues with some host information). The result is coming back as TDS7_RESULT instead of ERROR, but part of it includes the error message. I took a look at the appropriate spec[1], but I'm having trouble understanding the format. Does anyone have thoughts on what's going on? I'm using MSSQL with TDS 7.2.


[1] http://www.freetds.org/tds.html#t129

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