[freetds] [FreeTDS] connection pool

Xiaobiao Yin xiaobiaoyin at outlook.com
Wed Aug 31 20:53:08 EDT 2016

Hi Frediano

    Thank you really.

    In my case, I have to insert the rows to table one by one.

    For the connection pooling, I got the information from the User Guide.


   The FreeTDS connection pool currently only supports TDS version 4.2.

   If FreeTDS 1.0 supports protocol 7.2 with some limitations, where can I find the

limitation's description, so that I can identify if it will affect my case.

  BTW, is there any sample code for connection pooling?

Thanks in advance


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2016-08-31 11:35 GMT+01:00 Xiaobiao Yin <xiaobiaoyin at outlook.com>:
> Hi Experts
>     I use FreeTDS (linux) to communicate with a SQL server 2005 in Windows,
> and tried to use [dbcmd() and dbsqlexec()]  100 times to insert 1 item to database tables.
>    The performance is that one insert statement consumes about 2~3ms.
>     I know there is a so called Connection pool, but it only support TDS 4.2 while SQL server need TDS 7.2.
>    So in order to optimize the performance, I may need to open 2 or more connections, it is a little hard to
> control these connections.
>    My question is that are there some ways to optimize the performace.
> The target should be 1ms per 1 insert statement.
> Any suggetions are welcome.
> Thanks
> Eric

It's not clear if the problem is application or connections.
If you have one application that needs to insert rows into a table
it's better to batch the inserts instead of using a query for each
If you have multiple process each needing to connect to database and
insert a row then would be better to use a connection pooling. The
connection pooling included in FreeTDS 1.0 supports protocol 7.2 with
some limitations.

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