[freetds] [FreeTDS] connection pool

Xiaobiao Yin xiaobiaoyin at outlook.com
Wed Aug 31 06:35:30 EDT 2016

Hi Experts

    I use FreeTDS (linux) to communicate with a SQL server 2005 in Windows,

and tried to use [dbcmd() and dbsqlexec()]  100 times to insert 1 item to database tables.

   The performance is that one insert statement consumes about 2~3ms.

    I know there is a so called Connection pool, but it only support TDS 4.2 while SQL server need TDS 7.2.

   So in order to optimize the performance, I may need to open 2 or more connections, it is a little hard to

control these connections.

   My question is that are there some ways to optimize the performace.

The target should be 1ms per 1 insert statement.

Any suggetions are welcome.



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