[freetds] How to subscribe Microsoft Sql server

Xiaobiao Yin xiaobiaoyin at outlook.com
Tue Aug 30 18:15:42 EDT 2016

Hi Experts

     I am very new to FreeTDS and SQL server.

     so far I can connect the MS SQL server 2005 from CentOS 7.2 using C program.

     My requirement is that if the SQL database changed (such as insert ,delete or update some items),

     is there a way to know this change?

     After looking through the APIs, I found there is no such APIs to subscribe specified SQL database table.

     Generally, I need to polling this specified table and see if the return results is the same as the last query, but it

seems a little bit complex and no efficiency.

     So my question is:

Is there an API to subscribe specified table in SQL server database.

     Any comment and hint is welcome.

     Thanks in advance.


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