[freetds] defncopy query "order by" different for ASE

John Kendall john at capps.com
Wed Aug 17 19:55:43 EDT 2016

Hi, all.
Line 224 of defncopy.c is:

			 " order by 	c.number, c.colid"

This is the correct for MS SQL, but not for ASE.  For ASE it should be:

			 " order by 	c.number, c.colid2, c.colid"

Since most objects stored in syscomments are small, leaving out colid2 is not a problem.  But very large objects will display incorrectly.  As you might expect, I recently ran into this problem.  :)

It should be a quick patch, but I'm not sure the best way to determine if the server is ASE and MS SQL.  


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