[freetds] How does FreeTDS support bulk export

Thompson, William bill.d.thompson at baml.com
Wed Aug 10 08:36:57 EDT 2016

Hi Johnny,

What is this "bulk export" you refer to?
If there's INSERT statements going on, it sounds more like an import to me...
What is wrapped around FreeTDS in your application? 
I think it's more likely that it's this that is deciding on the approach of generating multiple INSERT statements, rather than FreeTDS.


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We've observed, through the freetds.log, that when we try to bulk export multiple rows, what FreeTDS really does is replacing the ? placehold with the corresponding param value(s), then concatenating multiple "INSERT INTO..." statements into a single query, and finally sent it through the wire. Is this what we're supposed to expect? How does FreeTDS support bulk export?

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