[freetds] Data alignment issue on freetds-0.95.8x under HP-UX B.11.31 causes core dump

Mike Jetzer mjetzer.cdc at gmail.com
Thu Mar 24 17:02:49 EDT 2016

I had this issue when I first put up freetds-0.95.80 a couple of months
ago, and the problem persists in 0.95.88.

Compiled under HP-UX B.11.31 using the "cc: HP C/aC++ B3910B A.06.20 [May
13 2008]" compiler in 32-bit mode.  I initially compiled with "-O", but the
problem persists when compiling with "-g".

Relevant freetds.conf info; this refers to an SQL Server database:
                host           = mkenday
                port           = 1433
                client charset = UTF-8
                tds version    = 7.3

Here's the table I'm using in my feasibility study:
        create table item
        itm_num       nvarchar(40)  not null default '',
        itm_desc      nvarchar(33)  not null default '',
        shelf_life    integer       not null default 0,
        itm_wid       decimal (9,2) not null default 0.0,
        last_cc_dt_tm datetime2(3)  not null default '1980-01-01 00:00:00'

And the one row of data I'm using:
        insert into item ( itm_num, shelf_life, itm_wid, last_cc_dt_tm )
        values ( 'ITM_NUM 12345', 1, 2.3, '2016-01-02 03:04:05')

FreeTDS cores when attempting to do a "select * from item", either using
tsql or the isql from unixODBC-2.3.4.  If I select only certain fields, it
may succeed, but if I "select *" or the wrong combination of fields, it
dumps core (the problem appears to be with the datetime2 field).

Running the tsql from 0.95.88 in gdb:
        $ gdb -q tsql
        (gdb) run -S testconn -U osb3prog1 -P osb3prog1
        Starting program: /u1/sqlprog/freetds-0.95.88/src/apps/tsql -S
testconn -U osb3prog1 -P osb3prog1
        locale is "en_US.utf8 en_US.utf8 en_US.utf8 en_US.utf8 C en_US.utf8"
        locale charset is "utf8"
        using default charset "UTF-8"
        [New process 2721]
        warning: reading register 584: No such process
        Detaching after fork from process 2721
        1> select * from item
        2> go
        itm_num itm_desc        shelf_life      itm_wid last_cc_dt_tm

        Program received signal SIGBUS, Bus error
          si_code: 1 - BUS_ADRALN - Invalid address alignment. Please refer
to the following link that helps in handling unaligned data:
        0x4096760:1 in tds_msdatetime_get (tds=0x4002b440, col=0x4005d890)
            at data.c:1110
        1110                    dt->time = u8;
        (gdb) p dt
        $1 = (struct {...} *) 0x40060ffc
        (gdb) p *dt
        $2 = {time = 0, date = 0, offset = 0, time_prec = 3, _res = 0,
has_time = 0,
          has_date = 0, has_offset = 0}
        (gdb) p &dt->time
        $3 = (unsigned long long *) 0x40060ffc
        (gdb) where
        #0  0x4096760:1 in tds_msdatetime_get (tds=0x4002b440,
            at data.c:1110
        #1  0x403c830:0 in tds_process_row (tds=0x4002b440) at token.c:1954
        #2  0x403fd00:0 in tds_process_tokens (tds=0x4002b440,
            done_flags=0x0, flag=5384) at token.c:685
        #3  0x4026c60:0 in do_query (tds=0x4002b440,
            buf=0x4005a1d0 "select * from item\n", opt_flags=0) at
        #4  0x402c1d0:0 in main (argc=7, argv=0x7fff8380) at tsql.c:872

The URL to which gdb refers is no longer valid and HP doesn't have a
redirect for it, but refers to pragmas for aligning structures.  However,
dt is a pointer into the column_data field of a variable of type TDSCOLUMN,
which is just an "unsigned char *", so from my cursory reading of the
pragmas, this wouldn't help.  Additionally, there's a possibility that I'll
also need FreeTDS under Solaris, AIX, and Linux; as FreeTDS is OpenSource I
assume it'll work under Linux but am worried that the same issue might crop
up under Solaris and AIX.

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