[freetds] Invalid Cursor state

jezekj at centrum.cz jezekj at centrum.cz
Thu Jan 28 14:51:01 EST 2016

first of all I would like to thank you for creating and maintaining FreeTDS. In our application we do have procedure to trace progress of huge procedures execution to easily find out where the error is. This procedure contains raiserror function. When in another procedure I call select after trace procedure is called out I got invalid cursor state. i.e.:
create procedure sp_trace as
  raiserror('test', 0, 1)
create procedure sp_test_me as
  select getdate()
  execute sp_trace
  select getdate()
Then we call out from perl:
my $dbh=APPDBI->masterConnect();
my $statement='execute sp_test_me';
my $sth=$dbh->prepare($statement);
my $sth->execute;
while (my $d=$sth->fetch;){ #get 1st result set (first getdate)
  print Dumper $d;
while (my $d=$sth->fetch;){ #get 2nd result set (second getdate)
  print Dumper $d;
Can you confirm this is a bug which can/will be fixed?
We have tried other driver in our setup (easysoft) and it is not case.
Please let me know wah other details you need from me to support you in investigation.
Best Regards,

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