[freetds] Compiling Against FreeTDS 0.95 w/7.3 TDSVER Features Possible?

matthew.green at datamartcomputing.com matthew.green at datamartcomputing.com
Mon Nov 23 03:06:24 EST 2015

If this were a democracy I'd be voting for dbanydatecrack as it feels a better fit to me. Not that I think it matters a huge amount either way :-)



November 23 2015 8:52 AM, "Frediano Ziglio" <freddy77 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Il 23/Nov/2015 07:19, "LacaK" <lacak at zoznam.sk> ha scritto:
>>> I pushed some changes to master to integrate dbanydatecrack. This
>>> function use new DBDATEREC2 type which change milliseconds to
>>> nanoseconds in the DBDATEREC structure and accepts an additional type
>>> parameter (which can be returned by dbcoltype) for the type.
>>> So you can use dbdata+dbcoltype+dbanydatecrack to parse any date/time
>>> type (even future BIGTIME or whatever). The idea is to backport these
>>> changes in 0.95 too.
>>> Could you try if works for you? I extended a test and is actually
> working.
>> Only formal note:
>> for me better sounds "dbdatecrack2()" as "dbanydatecrack()"
>> (or "tdsdbdatecrack()" as there is already "tdsdbopen()" versus
> "dbopen()" ?
>> or "dbdatetimecrack()" ?)
> It's quite a personal choice. The rationale behind tdsdbopen was different.
> Was supposed to be an ABI not called directly but to be possible to have
> dbopen as ABI (so to keep old one) and a new dbopen API which call a new
> ABI (tdsdbopen was choosed).
> The rationale against dbanydatecrack is that:
> - is a new API and ABI;
> - I want to keep dblib db prefix;
> - dbdatecrack handle only DB DATE TIME so calling new one dbdatetimecrack
> is confusing;
> - can be thought as an extension to dbdatecrack, yes, so the name
> dbdatecrack2 may sound reasonable also thinking about DBDATEREC2... on the
> other way it state more precisely that handle all date type instead of just
> one.
> So... All that reasonings exclude either tdsdbdatecrack and
> dbdatetimecrack. About the choice between dbdatecrack2 and dbanydatecrack I
> think we are one against one. I prefer dbanydatecrack.
> Frediano
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