[freetds] Freetds and Unicode

Hugo Freire hfreire at abajar.com
Thu Oct 8 06:36:40 EDT 2015


I'm using Freetds from 4 years ago and works perfectly. Now we are 
trying to allow to store Unicode characters in sql server.
We have detected that we can store without problems any character from 
first plane of Basic Multilingual Plane 
but not able to store any character from other planes.
In the Freetds documentation I can read "At some future time, FreeTDS 
aims to support Unicode and other multi-byte character sets."
After making some tests, we was able to store all Unicode characters 
using "client charset ISO-8859-1".
Unfortunately we have an heterogeneous platform with windows and linux 
systems connecting to the same data, so the data stored by Freetds using 
ISO-8859-1 can't be read by .net application for example.

Our conclusion was that FreeTDS is unable to store all Unicode 
characters in SQL Server in UCS-2.

Is it correct?
Are there any patch that allow to store all UCS-2 characters?
Is posible create a patch to allow this?
Can someone guide me to start to create this patch?

Best regards,

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