[freetds] FreeTDS version 0.95 just released.

Rankins, Raymond (ITS) Raymond.Rankins at its.ny.gov
Thu Jun 18 09:42:11 EDT 2015

Quick question on one of the Bulk-copy improvements.

Does the "support for empty fields" take care of the "Attempt to bulk-copy a Null Value into Server column does not accept null values" error raised when you attempt to send an empty field to a NOT NULL column that has a default defined on it?
The correct SQL Server behavior is to apply the default value, but the 0.92 version of freebcp is raising the error instead and ignoring the default. 
If I change the column to nullable, it applies the default as expected


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Finally, after years of improvements and fixes we got a new version

Summary of Changes in release 0.95
User visible (not in a particular order):
- Support for build with CMake under Windows.
- Support MSSQL 2008:
  - new date/time types;
  - NBCROWs;
  - able to retrieve CLR UDT types in binary format.
- Moved from CVS to git.
- Support MARS under ODBC.
- IPv6 support.
- Support unsigned Sybase types.
- Sybase use some characters conversion like MSSQL.
- Bulk-copy improvements:
  - more types;
  - support for empty fields;
  - no needs for seekable file;
  - avoid possible buffer overflows;
  - less memory consumption;
  - handle different BIT fields in Sybase;
  - -T option for datacopy.
- datacopy:
  - prompting for password (use "-" password on command line);
  - empty user/password (to use Kerberos).
- Support for query notifications in ODBC.
- Support for protocols 7.2 and 7.3 under dblib and ctlib.
- dblib:
  - dbpivot extension;
  - dbprcollen extension to get printable column size;
  - add DBCOL2 structure for dbtablecolinfo;
  - support DBTEXTSIZE option for dbsetopt;
  - DATETIME2BIND extension binding to support new mssql 2008 type;
-  ODBC:
  - add SQL_INFO_FREETDS_TDS_VERSION option to SQLGetInfo to retrieve FreeTDS
  - add --enable-odbc-wide-tests configure option to use wide functions in
    unit tests.
- Better thread support.
- Allow to specify server SPN for GSSAPI.
- Sybase graceful disconnects.
- Better support for VARCHAR(MAX)/VARBINARY(MAX).
- Better error reporting from login failure.
- More strict test for configuration errors, fails if configuration is wrong.
- "use utf-16" option to enable use of UTF-16 for server encoding (MSSQL).
- Remove support for Dev-C++.
- Remove support for bad iconv, use libiconv instead (Tru64 and HP-UX should
  be affected), connect will fail.
- New NTLM options:
  - "use lanman";
  - "use ntlmv2".
- New Kerberos options:
  - "realm" ("REALM" in ODBC);
  - "spn" ("ServerSPN" in ODBC).
- New certificate options:
 - "ca file";
 - "crl file";
 - "check certificate hostname".
- Many bug fixes, majors:
  - SSPI with Kerberos on some setup;
  - SQLCancel threading;
  - ctlib numeric;
  - ODBC statistic function quotings.

People taking part in this effort
- Alexandros Giouzenis <alexandrosg at gmail.com>
- Ben Slade
  - datacopy password prompt
- Christos Zoulas
  - improve defncopy and fisql
  - server maintainer
  - some build fixes
- Constantin Vasilyev
- Craig A. Berry <craigberry at mac.com>
  - BCP improvements
  - VMS support
- Daniel Fazekas <fdsubs at t-online.hu>
  - some fixes for dblib
- Ed Avis
- Frediano Ziglio <freddy77 at gmail.com>
  - ... lot of stuff ...
  - ... really! ...
- Fredy Paquet
- Ian Lister
- James K. Lowden <jklowden at freetds.org>
  - documentation update
  - Makefiles improvements
  - dbpivot
  - improve error reporting
  - ... lot of stuff ...
- Jason Yanowitz
- Jun Kang Chin
  - UTF-16 encoding from server ("use utf-16")
- Justin T Pryzby
- Ken Collins
  - Kerberos SSPI fix
- Ladislav Karrach <lacak at zoznam.sk>
  - help fixing a problem with transaction with newer protocol
  - Visual Studio support updates
  - add DATETIME2BIND support in dblib and other new types improvements
- Marc Abramowitz <marc at marc-abramowitz.com>
  - improved logging and error reporting
  - Travis continue integration
  - documentation updates
- Martin Wilck
  - fix for ctlib cursors
- Matt Lilley
  - fix MARS problem
- Matthew Green
  - improved datacopy
- Mikhail Denisenko <denisenkom at gmail.com>
  - NBCROW support
- Mikhail Teterin
- Peter Deacon <peterd at iea-software.com>
  - IPv6 support
- Pietro Cerutti
- Ramiro Morales <ramiro at rmorales.net>
  - pymssql support
  - fix some bugs with dblib RPC
  - many build fixes
- Richard Hughes <richard.freetds at rhughes.net>
  - query notification in ODBC
- Samuel Ferencik <samuel.ferencik at barclays.com>
  - help fixing NTLM problem with small buffers
  - improved ctlib
- Sebastien Flaesch
- Shiva Ramabadran <sramabadran at users.noreply.github.com>
- Steve Langasek <steve.langasek at canonical.com>
  - fix some compatibility and bugs
- Tony Esposito
  - DYNPROC fix for Sybase
- Willi Langenberger

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