[freetds] FreeTDS version 0.95 just released.

Norm Lastovica Lastovica at sciinc.com
Tue Jun 9 07:50:47 EDT 2015

Thank you so much for this update...

Has anyone completed a build on OpenVMS?  I put my toe in the water yesterday and am getting my fair share of compiler warnings.  Before I spend any additional time I wanted to validate that it is known to work.


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Finally, after years of improvements and fixes we got a new version

Summary of Changes in release 0.95
User visible (not in a particular order):
- Support for build with CMake under Windows.
- Support MSSQL 2008:
  - new date/time types;
  - NBCROWs;
  - able to retrieve CLR UDT types in binary format.
- Moved from CVS to git.
- Support MARS under ODBC.
- IPv6 support.
- Support unsigned Sybase types.
- Sybase use some characters conversion like MSSQL.
- Bulk-copy improvements:
  - more types;
  - support for empty fields;
  - no needs for seekable file;
  - avoid possible buffer overflows;
  - less memory consumption;
  - handle different BIT fields in Sybase;
  - -T option for datacopy.
- datacopy:
  - prompting for password (use "-" password on command line);
  - empty user/password (to use Kerberos).
- Support for query notifications in ODBC.
- Support for protocols 7.2 and 7.3 under dblib and ctlib.
- dblib:
  - dbpivot extension;
  - dbprcollen extension to get printable column size;
  - add DBCOL2 structure for dbtablecolinfo;
  - support DBTEXTSIZE option for dbsetopt;
  - DATETIME2BIND extension binding to support new mssql 2008 type;
-  ODBC:
  - add SQL_INFO_FREETDS_TDS_VERSION option to SQLGetInfo to retrieve FreeTDS
  - add --enable-odbc-wide-tests configure option to use wide functions in
    unit tests.
- Better thread support.
- Allow to specify server SPN for GSSAPI.
- Sybase graceful disconnects.
- Better support for VARCHAR(MAX)/VARBINARY(MAX).
- Better error reporting from login failure.
- More strict test for configuration errors, fails if configuration is wrong.
- "use utf-16" option to enable use of UTF-16 for server encoding (MSSQL).
- Remove support for Dev-C++.
- Remove support for bad iconv, use libiconv instead (Tru64 and HP-UX should
  be affected), connect will fail.
- New NTLM options:
  - "use lanman";
  - "use ntlmv2".
- New Kerberos options:
  - "realm" ("REALM" in ODBC);
  - "spn" ("ServerSPN" in ODBC).
- New certificate options:
 - "ca file";
 - "crl file";
 - "check certificate hostname".
- Many bug fixes, majors:
  - SSPI with Kerberos on some setup;
  - SQLCancel threading;
  - ctlib numeric;
  - ODBC statistic function quotings.

People taking part in this effort
- Alexandros Giouzenis <alexandrosg at gmail.com>
- Ben Slade
  - datacopy password prompt
- Christos Zoulas
  - improve defncopy and fisql
  - server maintainer
  - some build fixes
- Constantin Vasilyev
- Craig A. Berry <craigberry at mac.com>
  - BCP improvements
  - VMS support
- Daniel Fazekas <fdsubs at t-online.hu>
  - some fixes for dblib
- Ed Avis
- Frediano Ziglio <freddy77 at gmail.com>
  - ... lot of stuff ...
  - ... really! ...
- Fredy Paquet
- Ian Lister
- James K. Lowden <jklowden at freetds.org>
  - documentation update
  - Makefiles improvements
  - dbpivot
  - improve error reporting
  - ... lot of stuff ...
- Jason Yanowitz
- Jun Kang Chin
  - UTF-16 encoding from server ("use utf-16")
- Justin T Pryzby
- Ken Collins
  - Kerberos SSPI fix
- Ladislav Karrach <lacak at zoznam.sk>
  - help fixing a problem with transaction with newer protocol
  - Visual Studio support updates
  - add DATETIME2BIND support in dblib and other new types improvements
- Marc Abramowitz <marc at marc-abramowitz.com>
  - improved logging and error reporting
  - Travis continue integration
  - documentation updates
- Martin Wilck
  - fix for ctlib cursors
- Matt Lilley
  - fix MARS problem
- Matthew Green
  - improved datacopy
- Mikhail Denisenko <denisenkom at gmail.com>
  - NBCROW support
- Mikhail Teterin
- Peter Deacon <peterd at iea-software.com>
  - IPv6 support
- Pietro Cerutti
- Ramiro Morales <ramiro at rmorales.net>
  - pymssql support
  - fix some bugs with dblib RPC
  - many build fixes
- Richard Hughes <richard.freetds at rhughes.net>
  - query notification in ODBC
- Samuel Ferencik <samuel.ferencik at barclays.com>
  - help fixing NTLM problem with small buffers
  - improved ctlib
- Sebastien Flaesch
- Shiva Ramabadran <sramabadran at users.noreply.github.com>
- Steve Langasek <steve.langasek at canonical.com>
  - fix some compatibility and bugs
- Tony Esposito
  - DYNPROC fix for Sybase
- Willi Langenberger

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