[freetds] Encrypted passwords

Beau Hodges indefinitedrums at gmail.com
Tue Jun 2 17:15:58 EDT 2015


In the past I had to use the sybase libs to support a feature not
found in freetds(until Frediano put it in :D)

If you download the ase dev edition 16, you can use the OpenClient
libraries for use with sqsh(for shell scripting). Not sure about perl,
but it also works for sybase_ct in php. It may allow you to use
encrypted passwords. You're welcome to email me direct if you'd like
more info.
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> On Jun 2, 2015, at 4:07 PM, Ray Rankins <rrankins at gothamconsulting.com> wrote:
> That's what I was afraid of.
> Unfortunately, the client site I'm at, there's no way I'd be able to do a network capture.
> Also, if it's not a feature in the latest stable release of FreeTDS, I wouldn't be able to implement it anyway.
> Guess we'll have to find a way to use the Sybase libraries instead when we need to connect to a Sybase server within the shell and perl scripts.
> -Ray
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>>> Okay, I’ve searched through the list archives and googled all over the place
>> and I think I already know the answer but wanted to ask here.
>>> Is there any version of FreeTDS that supports connecting to a Sybase server
>> that requires passwords to be encrypted when sent over the network?
>>> I’ve tried adding “encrypt = require” to the freetds.conf file, but that didn’t
>> help.
>>> Whenever I try to connect to a Sybase server the requires encrypted
>> password, it fails to login with error message 1640, “Adaptive Server requires
>> encryption of the login password on the network.”
>>> Looking at the source code for version 0.91 stable release, it looks like this
>> functionality is not implemented?
>>> Thanks,
>>> -Ray
>> Not supported (and not planned either). Actually I don't even know how
>> this is implemented at protocol level. Can you provide some network
>> capture (using some test password of course) ?
>> Frediano
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