[freetds] affected rows after insert

Ondrej Holecek ondrej.holecek at qoretechnologies.com
Tue Jun 2 04:49:35 EDT 2015


I have a problem obtaining number of affected rows while inserting.
The problem occurs when I pass the values by ct_param() call.
So, this command order works well:

ct_command(CS_LANG_CMD, "INSERT INTO test (number)  VALUES(5)")
ct_result() // the result type is CS_CMD_DONE so I can call...
ct_res_info(CS_ROW_COUNT) // as expected 1 row affected

but when I call it like this, It skips CS_CMD_DONE, so I can't read
the affected rows number.

ct_command(CS_LANG_CMD, "INSERT INTO test (number)  VALUES(@par1)")
ct_param("@par1", 1)
ct_result() // the result type is CS_END_RESULT
// can't do anything here :-(

The row is inserted in both cases correctly just in the second case I
can't read the number of affected rows.

I did some ctlib debugging and I created the patch which would fix
this behavior. However, I just changed the code blindly (based on the
debugging) not knowing what is the real purpose of the case.

in ct_result() function I changed the case _CS_RES_INIT:

                case _CS_RES_INIT:   /* commalindlnd had no result set */
                    if (tds->rows_affected > 0) {
                        *result_type = CS_CMD_DONE;
                        cmd->results_state = _CS_RES_INIT;
                        return CS_SUCCEED;

now it seems with the patch it works correctly. But I have no idea if
it is really the correct way.

Any ideas?



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