[freetds] Connecting to a specific database with DB-Library

Geoff Montee geoff.montee at gmail.com
Wed May 20 17:38:49 EDT 2015


Some tds_fdw users are having issues connecting to Microsoft Azure.

At the moment, if a tds_fdw user wants to connect to a particular
server and database, then tds_fdw connects to the server using
dbopen(), and then switches to the database using dbuse().

The problem is that apparently Microsoft Azure doesn't support the
syntax "USE databasename;", which is what dbuse() does behind the

Is there a way to supply a connecting database name to dbopen() or
another similar DB-Library function? In the Doxygen reference manual,
I don't see any function or macro to add a database name to LOGINREC
(i.e. something with a name like setldatabase()).

I was thinking that users could just change the default database for a
particular user on the server side to avoid the problem, but
apparently Azure doesn't support that either.


Geoff Montee

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