[freetds] Version Not Updating; Connection Not Connecting

Sergio NNX sfhacker at hotmail.com
Sat May 16 21:13:40 EDT 2015

> My boss wouldn't give me the work-time to read any guides from 
back-to-front but I've been skimming through it.  A bit of my confusion 
came because I was reading mixed MSSQL and Sybase articles in terms of 
connecting because I was advised earlier to use MSSQL connection 
settings because they were basically the same DB (or at least similar 
enough - in this case, apparently not).
> I really appreciate the time you took to look and respond, thank you!

Hi Ben,

We have been using FreeTDS with MSSQL & Sybase for some time now without issues. We have just built the latest RC version and it's very promising (have you tried a newer version?). We don't use Linux here. However I assume the config files would be the same regardless of the OS. We are more than happy to help provided we can reproduce your settings or environment on Windows.



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