[freetds] character set issue between sql server and oracle

Turk, Scott A SATurk at MissouriState.edu
Mon Apr 13 12:39:54 EDT 2015

We've set up freetds as a gateway between Sql server and Oracle.  When running a query on Oracle across a link to a Sql Server database, we get extra null characters between each real character in the output.  This occurs on columns set up as nchar on the Sql Server side.  Can anyone please provide assistance?

Here is the output from the dump command on the query (executed on Oracle across the link), the real output should be "administrator".

Typ=1 Len=52: 0,97,0,0,0,100,0,0,0,109,0,0,0,105,0,0,0,110,0,0,0,105,0,0,0,115,0,0,0,116,0,0,0,114,0,0,0,97,0,0,0,116,0,0,0,111,0,0,0,114,0,0


Scott Turk
Missouri State University
SATurk at missouristate.edu<mailto:SATurk at missouristate.edu>
(417) 836-6195

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