[freetds] Next stable release

Christos Zoulas christos at zoulas.com
Mon Jan 19 17:49:39 EST 2015

On Jan 19,  9:08pm, freddy77 at gmail.com (Frediano Ziglio) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: [freetds] Next stable release

| 2015-01-19 10:56 GMT+00:00 LacaK <lacak at zoznam.sk>:
| > Hi,
| > is there any plan, or time estimation for next (post 0.91) stable release of
| > FreeTDS ?
| > (as it is more than 3 years after 0.91 was released)
| > If not, then is current git master stable enough?
| > (or are there any work in progress changes?)
| > Thanks
| > -Laco.
| Hi,
|   I have to say that the code state is quite in a wonderful state.
| Unfortunately the project state is not. James mainly left the project
| so I'm the only guy left. I still miss some access (for instance the
| snapshots work not correctly but I can't actually fix them).
| The code. Tests are more and run better than 0.91. There are many
| improvements and mssql 2008 protocol is supported. dblib can handle
| newer protocols (beside some small restrictions due to protocol
| changes). The only reasons current tests does not fully pass are not
| regressions (same tests would fail on 0.91) and are due to very
| restrictive checks.

Please let me know what you need. Jim was planning to give you access...


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