[freetds] C++ version of http://www.freetds.org/userguide/samplecode.htm

Eric Prud'hommeaux eric+ibiblio at w3.org
Sun Jun 22 08:40:30 EDT 2014

(resent of an attempt 12 March 2014)

I wanted a wrapper which manage concurrent connections and provide a
vanilla interface like:

    MSSQL::Result r = sql.executeQuery(argv[i], &qeh);
    for (MSSQL::Result::iterator row = r.begin(); row != r.end(); ++row) {
        for (MSSQL::Values::const_iterator col = row->begin(); col != row->end(); ++col)
            std::cout << std::setw(col->size()) << col->lexical() << ' ';
        std::cout << "\n";

I didn't see one so I'm offering this to the community. main() (by
default) tests the concurrent access by executing all of the queries
on the command line at one and interleaving the results on the
console. This also fixes a small memory leak in samplecode.htm in that
it calls dbloginfree(login) after dbopen().

I preserved the (1)(2)... comments from samplecode.htm in case someone
with write access decides to make a parallel page for this version.

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