[freetds] building freetds on windows

ericP eric+ibiblio at w3.org
Sun Jun 22 09:16:26 EDT 2014

Some code base I'm working on (SWObjects, if you care) has a freetds
driver, as well as a few other database drivers. Apart from the
freetds driver, the rest of the code builds on Windows without a lot
of fiddling.

The freetds, which builds trivially on linux, seems to require some
extra infrastructure on Windows. The Nmake recipe

  nmake -fNmakefile -nologo apps PLATFORM=win32 CONFIGURATION=debug

works but doesn't build include/tds_sysdep_public.h from the .in.  I
figured that configure would run autoconf and generate the appropriate
files but /bin/sh is rare on Windows. I used the MINGW32 shell that
comes with gitshell but that whined about missing DLLs
(e.g. mspdb100.dll when runing MSVC's cl.exe, cygintl-2.dll when just
running configure).

I eventually copied tds_sysdep_public.h{.in,} and edited out all the
stuff with automake macros (the bottom half of the file). It built and
linked, but I haven't tested 'cause I'm not half smart enough to
configure MS SQL.

Presuming the above recipe worked and was necessary, I'd like to streamline it a bit by having windows builds for autoconf files (well, at least the one that I needed). It seems more likely that I missed a simple way for MSVC folks to do this (i.e. doesn't involve cygwin, ming, etc.).


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