[freetds] What is the latest stable release of freetds?

Ryan Schmidt freetds-2014 at ryandesign.com
Fri May 16 20:30:49 EDT 2014

Hello, I'm a developer with the MacPorts project. We have a package for freetds in MacPorts, currently at version 0.92.405. We updated to this version on 2012-11-12. We did this based on the fact that 0.92.405 is the largest version number listed at ftp://ftp.freetds.org/pub/freetds/stable/ . No further changes have occurred in the MacPorts freetds package since then.

A few days ago it was brought to our attention that 0.92.405 is 1.5 years old and that many newer stable versions have been released since then, numbered in the 0.91 series.


Confusion regarding freetds version numbering and determining what the latest stable version is has been expressed before:


The concern raised in that thread -- that the freetds-stable.tgz file linked from the freetds.org homepage is version 0.91 from 2011 and many newer versions have appeared in the stable ftp directory in the years since then -- remains unresolved. FreeCode also lists 0.91 as the latest stable version of freetds:


I would like to know:

* What is the latest stable version number today, to which we should update our MacPorts package?

* How should MacPorts programmatically determine what the latest stable version number is? In other words, what is the URL of a web page whose contents we can download and apply a regular expression to determine the latest stable version number?

Thank you.

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