[freetds] bcp/datacopy bit columns TDS 5.0

John Kendall john at capps.com
Fri May 9 15:58:43 EDT 2014

I'm using Sybase (TDS 5) and am running into a problem using datacopy (from 0.91) when a table has more than one bit column.  
The problem is easy to reproduce:

          create table tempdb..bob (bit1 bit, bit2 bit)
          insert tempdb..bob values (1,0)

          $ datacopy -c dbo -S SRV/usr/pw/tempdb/bob -D SRV/usr/pw/tempdb/bob2 
          Msg 4837, Level 16, State 2
          Server 'SRV', Line 1
                  Bad row data received from the client while bulk copying into object 1328007762 in database 2. Received a row of length 4 while maximum possible row length is 3.

          Msg 4837, Level 16
          General SQL Server error: Check messages from the SQL Server

          bcp_done failed.  
          datacopy: table copy failed.
                     the data may have been partially copied into the target database 

I searched the archives and found this thread:

   "bcp currently broken for BIT type in TDS 5.0"  

I couldn't find anything more about it.  I realize it was almost 8 years ago, but does anyone have any more info?

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