[freetds] Microsoft SQL Server versions and FreeTDS

Geoff Montee geoff.montee at gmail.com
Tue Apr 8 08:39:28 EDT 2014

I wrote an open source TDS foreign data wrapper for PostgreSQL using your
implementation of DB-Library:


I mainly wrote it to connect to Sybase databases, but its compatibility
with Microsoft SQL Server is a nice added benefit.

Your TDS protocol page hasn't been updated in a while:


It's missing MS SQL Server 2008 R2, MS SQL Server 2012, and MS SQL Server
2014. I'm curious, does your implementation of DB-Library support these
newer versions of MS SQL Server? I ask because Microsoft's own
documentation says that they may drop DB-Library support in the future:


"While the DB-Library API is still supported in Microsoft SQL Server 2000,
no future versions of SQL Server will include the files needed to do
programming work on applications that use this API. Connections from
existing applications written using DB-Library will still be supported in
the next version of SQL Server, but this support will also be dropped in a
future release. When writing new applications, avoid using DB-Library. When
modifying existing applications, you are strongly encouraged to remove
dependencies on DB-Library."


Geoff Montee

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