[freetds] Current snapshot broken

Frediano Ziglio freddy77 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 1 04:53:22 EDT 2014

  there are actually two problems with current snapshot

1. freetds-current.tgz points to the oldest snapshot, not the last one

2. I changed (https://gitorious.org/freetds/freetds/commit/a30806c8c4c95c9794f25bf6a8ada0f33158b817)
quite recently the directories used for reference and userguide.
Instead of doc/doc/freetds-VERSION/SUBDIR (where SUBDIR is either
reference or userguide) to just doc/SUBDIR. On my local machine it
works. There were a small problem with previous directories fixed (or
believed to be fixed) by
Today however I downloaded the new snapshot and somethings went wrong:
- userguide is empty with just a single web page pointing to
www.freetds.org (expected if userguide fails to compile or openjade is
not present);
- reference is still a link (to doc/freetds-dev.0.92.695/reference
which is an old directory not packaged)

James, what do logs say?


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