[freetds] dbcoltype char vs. datetimeoffset

Chris Kings-Lynne Chris.Kings-Lynne at navitas.com
Mon Sep 23 02:51:55 EDT 2013

I'm sure I'm connecting with 8.0 - would this work if I were?


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Chris Kings-Lynne <Chris.Kings-Lynne at navitas.com> wrote:

> The dbcoltype() function returns code 47 for both varchar and 
> datetimeoffset fields...is there any way to distinguish these - as 
> they really are _rather_ different...

Less different than you might think, I'm afraid.  

If you connect to a server that supports datetimeoffset with TDS 7.2, you're using a protocol for which no datetimeoffset datatype is defined.  On your behalf, the server provides the data as a string, which you see as VARCHAR.  That's what's known as backwards compatibility.  

There are good reasons to update db-lib to support the new datatypes, which after all are not so new anymore.  What is lacking someone with time and interest.  

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