[freetds] FreeTDS problems with converting SQL BigInt

James K. Lowden jklowden at freetds.org
Wed Sep 18 21:32:33 EDT 2013

On Wed, 18 Sep 2013 13:03:50 -0700 (PDT)
Feroze Daud <khichdo at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Thanks. Unfortunately, I need to get the output parameter first, so I
> changed the sproc to return the value as a resultset, instead of an
> output parameter.

As Frediano mentioned, the server sends the output parameter after any
ROW packets.  FreeTDS makes the data available to the application as
they arrive from the server.  

> This brings me to the original problem. I am getting garbage values
> out of call to getBigInteger.

What does src/odbc/unittests/genparams show on your machine regarding
the BIGINT type?  

> Is there any way to enable Freetds logging for applications that dont
> go through the odbc driver manager?

Cf. TDSDUMP in the user guide.  



P.S.  Top-posting reduces the value of the email archive by making it
harder to follow the thread. 

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