[freetds] One failing unit test (iconv_read) on git master on OS X

Marc Abramowitz marca at surveymonkey.com
Mon Sep 16 10:51:06 EDT 2013

By the way, here's my logs with a little bit of logging added in -- maybe
you can make some sense of what's going on:

stream.c:219:tds_dynamic_stream_init: stream->allocated = 1024
bulk.c:1047:tds_bcp_fread: *outbytes = deadbeef
bulk.c:1048:tds_bcp_fread: tds_dynamic_stream_init => 0
bulk.c:1059:tds_bcp_fread: calling tds_convert_stream...
stream.c:99:tds_convert_stream: calling tds_iconv with ol = 1024
iconv.c:916:tds_iconv: errno = 7
iconv.c:923:tds_iconv: set suppress->e2big = 1
stream.c:104:tds_convert_stream: calling ostream->write with  1024
stream.c:200:tds_dynamic_stream_write: s->allocated = 3072
stream.c:106:tds_convert_stream: ostream->write wrote 1024
stream.c:111:Error: tds_convert_stream: tds_iconv returned errno 7
stream.c:113:Error: tds_convert_stream: Gave up converting 3054 bytes due
to error 7.

It looks like maybe it does allocate the additional 3072 bytes needed
after the initial 1024 (stream.c:200), but tds_iconv doesn't pick up on
that and it has already given up?

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