[freetds] FreeTDS problems with converting SQL BigInt

Frediano Ziglio freddy77 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 16 03:47:16 EDT 2013

2013/9/15 Feroze Daud <khichdo at yahoo.com>:
> I have a program on Unix that is querying a MSSQL Database. The DB exposes functionality as a Stored procedure, with a BigINT output parameter.
> On the client side, we have a C++ program that is calling that sproc and trying to get the bigint from the output parameter.
> What we are seeing is that the data is getting corrupted. In other words, garbage value for the BigInt is being returned from the driver.
> More Information:
> Client:
> Ubuntu 11.10 with freetds 0.64 TDS Version: 0.8 Custom C++ program linked with freetds 0.64
> Server:
> MSSQL 2008 Stored Procedure that returns a BigInt as an output parameter.
> We tried changing the sproc to return the BigInt as the first resultset. If we try to read it as a BigInt, we get the garbage value. However, if we try to read it as a string, it comes across correctly.
> I enabled freetds logging for the driver, and I see that the driver is thinking that the value is a NUMERIC, not a BigInt....
> token.c:526:processing result tokens. marker is ac(PARAM)
>>token.c:1526:processing result. type = 108(numeric), varint_size 1
>>token.c:1547:processing result. column_size 17
>>token.c:1863:tds_get_data: column 0, type 108, varint size 1
> However, the SQL server SP definition correctly defines the output parameter as a BigInt...
> ALTERPROCEDURE[dbo].[SomeSproc](@pParam1        bigint, at pReturnCnt     int =5000,-- how many records to return at pOutParam1    bigint =NULLOUTPUT )AS
> Any idea why this is happening?
> Thanks,
> feroze.

Which library (ctlib, dblib, odbc) are you using ?

FreeTDS 0.64 ?? Sorry, not supported anymore.


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