[freetds] One failing unit test (iconv_read) on git master on OS X

Frediano Ziglio freddy77 at gmail.com
Sun Sep 15 04:15:20 EDT 2013

2013/9/14 Marc Abramowitz <marca at surveymonkey.com>:
> The weird thing is that the test is complaining about out_len being 1024 bytes instead of 4077:
> marca at marca-mac:~/dev/git-repos/freetds$ cat src/tds/unittests/iconv_fread.log
> out 1024 bytes expected 4077
> res 0 out_len 1024
> But the output file has 4077 "a" characters (and then a space and two exclamation points):
> marca at marca-mac:~/dev/git-repos/freetds$ wc -c src/tds/unittests/iconv_fread.out
>     4080 src/tds/unittests/iconv_fread.out
> marca at marca-mac:~/dev/git-repos/freetds$ cat src/tds/unittests/iconv_fread.out
> aaaaaa… !!
> which looks like it might be correct.

Just looked at test. The test write the file then try to read back
with tds_bcp_read. The content is ok (lot of 'a' followed by a no
blank space and two exclamation points which are the terminator). The
fact that function returns only 1024 is wrong should return length of
'a' plus 1 (the space converted to iso8859-1).

For the dump probably you don't get cause there are no server
connection, try to add a line like



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