[freetds] FreeTDS not giving any results

James K. Lowden jklowden at freetds.org
Fri Sep 13 01:05:09 EDT 2013

Hi Marc, 

> Speaking of db-lib, what is the best place to read to get advice
> about how to use the API -- i.e.: the kind of info that you wrote
> about (e.g.: "You're supposed to call dbnumcols() only after
> dbresults returns SUCCEED."). 

Everything I know about how db-lib is *supposed* to work comes from
reading the vendors' reference manuals, many times and very carefully.
Over the years I guess I've crawled inside the head of whoever designed
it. (I don't know who that is, but I'd like to meet him!)  It's
actually a very simple library with a few strange gargoyles.  

> A canonical example of result processing would be handy
> (though perhaps I have that now from your email :-))

That is why I wote the Tenderfoot section of the UG.  :-)  

> Thanks again for the boat loads of info and for looking at the pymssql
> code and making suggestions!

Sure thing.  Happy hacking!  


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