[freetds] FreeTDS not giving any results

Marc Abramowitz marca at surveymonkey.com
Tue Sep 10 10:59:23 EDT 2013

Thanks James, for going above and beyond the call of duty, by looking at
pymssql code. That was much more detail than I could have reasonably
expected, so thank you!

On 9/9/13 8:32 PM, "James K. Lowden" <jklowden at freetds.org> wrote:

>It looks like the current code reflects your patch?

More info then you probably care about pymssql, but yeah, the mercurial
repo you looked at already reflects my patch. In fact, I came up with the
patch by observing that code built from Mercurial worked, whereas the
pymssql 1.0.2 on PyPI did not and then diffing and looking for a likely
candidate. So someone fixed this at some point in the repo, but it never
got included in an official pymssql 1.x release. And then folks stopped
maintaining the 1.x code (written in C) and started a whole new 2.X
that is written with Cython. That code doesn't seem to have this problem
either, and that code is more actively maintained now (mostly by me), but
never been officially released, so it isn't as proven in production.

My interest here was in possibly making a very small tweak to the old 1.X
code, so that there could be a 1.0.3 version that fixes only this one bug.

If you get curious about how the new pymssql handles this (any comments
from you here are not expected but would be much appreciated), look here:


Thanks again for a very thoughtful and helpful reply before.


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