[freetds] Where I can find examples of using dblib or ctlib?

Velichko Yuriy velichko.yuriy at gmail.com
Tue Sep 3 10:05:57 EDT 2013


I'm new with freeTDS, so please sorry me for my silly question).

I need to connect to MSSQL server in my application(c/c++). For this
purpose I chose to use the FreeTDS libraries.  As I understood the dblib
will be enough to work (select/insert/update data etc) with MSSQL server
(Am I right?).

But I can't find any examples how to do such things. In the FAQ said to
search in vendor's docs. But the links, in the FAQ, do not lead to the
necessary documentation.

Can anybody provides information about how to communicate with MSSQL Server
with FreeTDS's libs using c/c++  API.

I would be grateful for some code examples of how to connect to the server
and work with database.


Best Regards!

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