[freetds] patch for ct.c

Gerhard Lausser Gerhard.Lausser at consol.de
Thu Aug 22 18:23:41 EDT 2013


i am the author of check_mssql_health, a plugin for the Nagios monitoring
system, which is used to monitor MS SQL and Sybase databases. It uses
freetds and DBD::Sybase.
The plugin can be called as

check_mssql_health --server <an_entry_in_freetds.conf> --username ....
which internally uses DBI->connect("DBI:Sybase:server=...
check_mssql_health --hostname <host_or_ip> --port <port> --username ....
which internally uses DBI->connect("DBI:Sybase:host=...;port=...

This worked reliably so far with the libs and modules from the linux
Today i was compiling DBD::Sybase-1.15 and freetds-0.91 from source and with
this platform, calling check_mssql_health with --hostname no longer worked.
I got the error "Server name not found in configuration files"

Attached is a patch for freetds-0.91, which fixed the error for me. 



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