[freetds] Documentation updates

Frediano Ziglio freddy77 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 2 13:51:18 EDT 2013

I wrote this small diff to documentation. Mainly update to build for
Windows using cmake.

diff --git a/doc/userguide.sgml b/doc/userguide.sgml
index d8a709d..0b04aea 100644
--- a/doc/userguide.sgml
+++ b/doc/userguide.sgml
@@ -542,6 +542,12 @@ The <quote>TDS</quote> part of the name comes from
name of the protocol used to

         <sect2 id="Windows"><title>Win32 and Win64</title>

+<para>Recently &freetds; has added the possibility to compile using CMake.
CMake is able to create project files for different development systems
(like Visual C++).
+Install CMake on your box and point to the source directory to generate
wanted files. Refer to CMake documentation on how to do it (I personally
use CMake GUI passing source directory and a newly create build directory).
+Once project files are created you can open them with your
+            <sect3><title>Use <filename>NMakefile</filename></title>
 <para>Building for Windows using Microsoft's compiler is supported via the
<filename>NMakefile</filename> included in the distribution.  Set up the
command-line build environment per Microsoft's instructions, and run e.g.

@@ -576,13 +582,12 @@ Which shouldn't be defined unless
<filename>inttypes.h</filename> exists on your

     <para>For Windows applications that use &freetds; the hard-won wisdom
is <emphasis>just use the <filename>NMakefile</filename>, please,
thanks!</emphasis>  If you like a visual environment and visual debugging,
no problem: Microsoft's tools support <quote>Makefile projects</quote>.
The author has direct knowledge of developers for whom that arrangement
works quite well. </para></note>

+                </sect3>
             <sect3><title>Other ways to build under Windows&reg;</title>


-                    <listitem><para>Visual Studio.  Project files are
included in the <filename>win32</> directory.   See above note for why
these might be out of date.</para></listitem>
-                    <listitem><para>Dev-C++</para></listitem>

                     <listitem><para><application>gcc</> under
@@ -684,7 +689,7 @@ Which shouldn't be defined unless
<filename>inttypes.h</filename> exists on your
                 know it is easily done:

-    <prompt>$ </prompt><userinput>rpmbuild -ta
+    <prompt>$ </prompt><userinput>rpmbuild -ta


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