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Eduard Heimann eheimann at pe-fittinge.de
Sun May 5 04:08:05 EDT 2013

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On 05/04/13 18:51, James K. Lowden wrote:
> On Sat, 04 May 2013 18:04:03 +0200 Eduard Heimann <eheimann at pe-fittinge.de>
> wrote:
>> Please help me to integrate my fix into the mainline of freetds. I have
>> no experience with this kind of distributed development.
> Thank you for reporting the problem and developing a fix.  :-)
> The most developer-friendly way to supply a patch is with "git diff". If
> you're not using git, "diff -u oldfile newfile > file.diff" works, too.
> As a last resort, simply attached your modified file to a message you post
> here.
> It helps if the file is an *attachment* because email systems often wrap
> long lines in the code, something that can be undone only by hand.
> Provided we agree with with your assessment and solution, we'll update the
> master git branch.  Usually someone gets around to it within a week or so.
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Description of this fix for freetds:
BCP-copying wide rows (>255 bytes, from file into server-table) results in an
error in bcp_sendrow() and a bogus state in Sybase SQL Server. Tested against
Server 10.2/32bit and Server 12.4/64bit.
This patch is a result of reverse-engineering Sybase's bcp-library on
datastream level.

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