[freetds] dbi:ODBC:DSN=... odbc.ini UID and PWD ignored ?

TJ freetds at iam.tj
Mon Apr 22 04:58:42 EDT 2013

On 20/04/13 00:17, James K. Lowden wrote:
> I don't think restating the table titles in the paragraph aids
> clarity.  I made it "tables define".  Have a look and see if you don't
> agree.  

The confusion is in the later part of the paragraph and, for me as a novice FreeTDS user, gives rise to the same original confusion.

"They may appear in your connection string, or in odbc.ini."

It is the conjunction using "or" that causes the misunderstanding for me. It could be that dropping that entire sentence is the solution since the table titles then become the only source of key
location information.

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