[freetds] dbi:ODBC:DSN=... odbc.ini UID and PWD ignored ?

James K. Lowden jklowden at freetds.org
Fri Apr 19 19:17:17 EDT 2013

On Fri, 19 Apr 2013 17:40:19 +0100
TJ <freetds at iam.tj> wrote:

> At http://www.freetds.org/userguide/odbcconnattr.htm
> it says: "The following table defines all possible ODBC connection
> attributes for the FreeTDS ODBC driver. Which ones you'll need
> depends on how you set yourself up. They may appear in your
> connection string, or in odbc.ini."
> The "following table" is Table 4-1, which lists DSN, UID, PWD and

Thanks for pointing that out.  Upon a time there was only one table.
When I split in two, I thought it was much clearer.  Which it was,
until someone looked at it with fresh eyes.  

> I suggest that preamble is re-written thus:

I don't think restating the table titles in the paragraph aids
clarity.  I made it "tables define".  Have a look and see if you don't

> What is the recommended solution for system DSNs where policy
> dictates that application code should not have access to the username
> and password of the connection?

Use Kerberos or Active Directory.  

In the days before FreeTDS supported them, we kept passwords in
another database that only the application process could use.  If I
couldn't do that, either, another option might be to keep the passwords
in a file on another machine, and use ssh to fetch it.  



P.S.  Nice email address you got there!  

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