[freetds] new git tarballs

James K. Lowden jklowden at freetds.org
Wed Mar 28 22:10:56 EDT 2012


Starting tonight at 03:15 EDT, tarball snapshots of the trunk and
current stable release will be posted at the above locations.  Tarballs
derived from both the CVS and git repositories will both be posted until
we are comfortable that the new system is working correctly, after which
time the CVS repository will become an historical artifact.[1]  

The new, official, brand-spanking-squeaky-clean-new git repository is
hosted at https://gitorious.org/freetds/freetds.  

As discussed previously on this list, the big payoff is version numbers
for patched versions of the stable release.  Years ago, we put more
effort into releasing patched releases.  More recently we switched to a
"rolling patch release" generated automatically.  That presented a
problem to people who manage packages, who really need version numbers
to track, well, versions.  

To make the patched releases useful to packagers, we now have a new
version numbering system based on the mumble something number
produced by "git describe", which is used as the minor number.  Commits
to the release branch increment that number.  You can see it at work
already on ibiblio.org:


(That doesn't mean there have been 49 commits since 0.91 was released;
ChangeLog indicates just 2.)

The other tiny change is to the MD5 files.  In addition to the MD5
fingerprint, they also now hold the "git describe" output.  That allows
the careful user to connect the tarball to the repository and even, if
desired, to fetch that particular version.  

I am absolutely sure many, many people have been champing at the bit,
waiting for the cutover to git to begin hacking on FreeTDS and
submitting glorious patches.  Don't wait!  Our operators are standing

If you want to help in a smaller but significant way, keep an eye on
the new tarballs.  Check that the version numbers are growing
correctly, kick the tires.  Your humble maintainer is new to the git
game and he'd just as soon learn sooner than later.  


[1]  If you're among those who think CVS is *already* an historical
artifact, you may commence gloating now.

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