[freetds] 0.83.dev.20100507 and Visual Studio 2010

Paul Thurston pthurston at netegrate.com
Sat May 8 20:23:12 EDT 2010

Good, that's progress.
So we know whatever is wrong with your 64 bit build is the build itself, not some Windows 7 security problem.

We may have to do something special in order to get the 64 bit build working properly. I'll take a look at this in the morning.

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> The 32bit libraries that I posted for you are currently in production. This is a known good build.

> This must be an issue in your environment (and in Windows 7, that usually means a security issue).


Actually, with all my testing I got mixed up, and didn't inform you about your libraries.

Your libraries work from my test app in Visual Studio. They even return data, which is a huge progress for me!

However, I cannot try them with Qt, as you must have compiled them with Buffer Security Check set to ON.

(Configuration Properties / C/C++ / Code Generation).

That puts a dependency on a lib I can't find bufferoverflowu.lib [I found it in a few places, but Qt says it can't read it]).

Also, I get undefined references to many tds_ functions...




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