[freetds] tsql command line recall?

Patrick Taylor taylor at stsci.edu
Fri Mar 19 14:40:43 EDT 2010

Hello Everyone,

I hope someone here will be able to answer this question for me.  I have 
two servers.  One has

    Version: freetds v0.82

and the other has:

    Version: freetds v0.82.1.dev.20090618

I expect that they should be pretty close in functionality though.  The 
question is about tsql.  The v0.82 version allows for command line 
recall by using the up-arrow key.  The v0.82.1.dev.20090618 is now 
allowing command line recall.  Is this something compiled into the tsql 
binary?  If so, does anyone know if there's a specific configure option 
I should use to enable this?  It would seem to me that some environment 
variable should be set, but so far I haven't been able to find anything. 

If anyone has any ideas please send them in.


taylor at stsci.edu

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