[freetds] connection to SQL server 2008 express

Mahendra T mahendra.t at tcs.com
Wed Feb 24 00:04:39 EST 2010

>                $ telnet IP_Adress 1433
> (where you obviously substitute a real address for "IP_Address").
> The connection will fail, demonstrating you cannot connect to that
> server on that port.
> > I could connect to the database instance at 1433 port from the same
> > machine where it is installed.
> SQL server 2008 express by default listens only to, not to
> the external network.  You can confirm that by running the above
> command on the SQL Server host.
> If you can telnet locally but not from the FreeTDS host, show those
> results to your network guy.

> Besides the *machine* being given network access over the port, the
> SQL*Server must also be enabled to allow external connections.

> Using SQL*Server management studio, right-click on the database cylinder
> after establishing a connection to it and choose "Properties".
> Then, choose the page "Connections" and click the check box "Allow
> remote connections to this server"

> Restart the SQL*Server service.

Remote connections are enabled on the host server. telnet host_IP 1433 is 
not working on host machine itself.
If I try sqlcmd -H IP_address\Instance_name,port -U user_name from the 
host machine, it connects me to the data base. I am not able understand 
why telnet is not working when sqlcmd is able to connect to the database 
at 1433 port.

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