[freetds] prepared statements in db-lib

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Right, prepare the SQL statement and feed it normally.

If correctly implemented, your user-defined Parameter class should handle
escaping quotes during SQL statement assembly.






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I had considered this option ... but wasn't quite sure of the execution,
other than going into the libtds layer. Is that what you mean, or did you
mean that I could assemble the statement from the parameters and then feed
it to db-lib as a regular sql statement? My concern with the latter is that,
when I have used prepared statements on other platforms, one reason has been
the ability to feed an entire TEXT field into a parameter and not have to
worry about escaping any quote marks inside the string.

Andy Wakefield
a_wake at earthlink.net 

On Sun, 2010-02-21 at 14:57 Paul Thurston wrote: 



If you are programming in, say C++, it is fairly straightforward to write a
function with this capability.

Have the function take as parameters the tablename, along with vector of
pointers to a user-defined class Parameter.

If each Parameter contains type information, along with the value,
formatting & executing the query string is a snap.








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I have been playing with db-lib, and find it to be a very nice

interface. But there is one thing that I seem to be missing, and can't

figure out -- does it not have any way to do a "prepared statement" --

IOW, a statement with parameters that are filled in before execution --

other than as an actual stored procedure?


Here's what I want to be able to do, in a mixture of sql and



sql_statement: INSERT INTO test_tbl VALUES ( ?, ?, ? );

set_param(1, 52)

set_param(2, 'Testing')

set_param(3, 123.456)

execute prepared statement


If db-lib cannot do this, can ct-lib? Or do I have to go down to the

libtds layer?


Many thanks ...



Andy Wakefield

a_wake at earthlink.net 


On Mon, 2010-01-11 at 21:55 -0500, James K. Lowden wrote:


> Andrew H. Wakefield wrote:

> > I

> > downloaded the "nightly snapshot" yesterday and tried to cross-compile

> > for Windows. It failed during the make, using the settings that worked

> > successfully for freetds-0.82. IIRC, the error had something to do with

> > types.h inclusion.


> Tonight's version should be better.  Let us know.  


> --jkl


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