[freetds] FreeTDS and numeric fields in MSSQL2005 database

Michal Seliga michal.seliga at visicom.sk
Thu Feb 18 11:13:35 EST 2010


I just noticed that numerical values differ when i connect to the same database
from windows (using microsoft driver) and from linux (using freetds driver)

i work with them as with text (which means no conversion is done and i use
exactly what is read from database, i checked qt sources to make sure that this
is how it works)

values are mathematically the same, but format is a bit different. for example
same value is read in windows '.0000' and in linux '0.0000'. and also it seems
that for colum which is for example numeric(16,4) in windows returned value may
have less decimal places then 4, while in linux there are always 4

is there any conversion made by FreeTDS? (or maybe by microsoft driver?) can i
be sure that i won't get different values when working from different environments?

so far its not an issue, i am only curios if i can expect problems in future or
I may forget about it

btw current cvs version is great, all issues i used to have are gone (ok, there
is one but foe now i think its problem of qt and not of freetds). congratulations!

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